Inclusive Classroom Practices

  1. Gender Balance Assessment Tool. It gives an indication of the % women, and % authors of color on a syllabus
  2. The School of Social Sciences is continuing to generously support the hosting of Professor Heidi Hardt and her colleagues' website It includes a free, publicly-available, user-friendly searchable database of citations that are coded by gender. Anyone is welcome to diversify their syllabi, if they wish to do so, by searching for a topic and finding readings authored by scholars of a given gender.
  3. Extended guide to creating accessible learning environments and a 1-page checklist for everyday habits of accessible teaching--are meant to help instructors and TAs engage in practices that increase accessibility by serving a wide-variety of learner needs.These (and eventually other) resources can also be found at Inclusive Instruction website. If you're interested in learning about or participating in future Inclusive Instruction Working Group activities, check out this website.
  4. Hardt, H., Smith, A.E., Kim, H.J. and Meister, P. (2019). ‘The Gender Gap in Assigned Readings in Graduate Training’. The Journal of Politics, Vol. 81, No. 4: 1528-1532
  5. Smith, A.E., Hardt, H., Meister, P., and Kim, H.J. (2019). ‘Gender, Race, Age and National Origin Predict Whether Faculty Assign Female-Authored Readings in Graduate Courses’. PS: Political Science & Politics, Vol. 53, No. 1: 100-106:


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