Barbara Sarnecka
Interim Associate Dean | Faculty Development and Diversity |  949.824.8495

Inclusive active participation is key to our success. To that end, the Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Diversity has formed two senate faculty member advisory boards:

  1. Committee on Faculty Diversity, Inclusion and Development (CFDID)
  2. Graduate Student Diversity, Inclusion and Development Committee (GSDID): Includes Two Graduate Student Representatives

Each of these committees develops inclusion strategy programs focused on:

  1. Creating a Positive Classroom Climate for Diversity;
  2. Providing Educational Resources and Opportunities in support of the Diversity Requirement for Merit and Promotion Reviews; and
  3. Supporting a Positive School Climate

Mimi Liljeholm
Interim Vice Associate Dean | Faculty Development and Diversity |  949.824.8444

Allison Marks
Administrative Coordinator |  949.824.2766

Frances Hom
Administrative Assistant |  949.824.####


Additional Team Resources

Holly Hapke
Research Development Director

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